Rock, conquer and enjoy!

Total Peepz released:  

 520 / 10.000

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Army of Peepz is a limited collection of different crypto-based digital art assets, traded on digital platforms like OpenSea.ioEvery asset of this collection is unique and not comparable with any existing value. 

The assets, Non-fungible-Tokens (NFT)  are created as a form of cryptocurrency investment, connected to the Ethereum Blockchain. These so called NFT´s value is dependent to the actual Blockchain value and the market demand for the NFT or NFT brand.

Army of Peepz has a maxium cap of 10.000 units, which will be achived in the coming months. 

Peepz are a lovely race of motley owls in different colors and with different features. They came to rock, conquer and enjoy the world!

Help them Peepz to find a new home!


Peepz Variations