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Rarity Model

The Army of Peepz collection provides a Peepz-rarity model. The model devide the owls into four different levels: 


Rarity Level 3:    Legendary ( 25 total )

Rarity Level 2:    Epic ( 50 total )

Rarity Level 1:     Rare ( 100 total )

Rarity Level 0:    Common

Every Peepz above the "Rarity Level 0: Common" is a GIF with cool moving backgrounds that show the advanced value. They are all dropped before 50% of the planned total amount is minted. 

Go and save them for your own awesome collection and give them a new home! Enjoy! 


Legendary Peepz

​A very small supply of 25 legendary Peepz are offered gradually. True legends deserve the right stage. Legendary Peepz receive ongoing spotlights to underline their chocolate sides.  
A real collectors piece!

Dropped:  1 / 25

Epic Peepz

A limited supply of 50 epic Peepz are offered gradually. This special type of Peepz consists of upwards moving energy particles.
The smooth and beautiful background effect puts  the pure epic-ness of the Peepz in spot. 
Do not hold back to collect them!

Dropped:  2 / 50


Rare Peepz

A total set of 100 rare Peepz are offered gradually. The rare Peepz deliver an emerging flair through the constant rotating background. Choose yourself, which one fits best in your rare collection. Get them now!

Dropped:  4 / 100

Common Peepz

Every Peepz is a wonderful cute little owl. They come in various colorful combinations and have the obligation to fill your collection with a beautiful, funny and interesting art asset.

Let´s go and give them a new home!

Dropped:  513 / 9825

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